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This geodesic houseboat cost less than $2,000 to build

Living a simpler life often starts with adjusting some daily habits, but for others, it can also mean swapping a big, cluttered house for the pared-down joys of a tiny house, treehouse or for water-lovers, a houseboat. While we've seen some rather pricey-looking modern and minimalist versions of waterbound homes, designer Michael Weekes has created a geodesic version that costs less than USD $2,000 to build.

© Michael Weekes
According to Dornob, Weekes' houseboat measures 16 feet long, and is non-powered. Twenty-seven recycled gallon storage containers keep it afloat, and the deck can hold an impressive 5,000 pounds, and can host up to twelve adults, or sleep up to four people. The houseboat is built with 2 x 2 struts and plywood hubs, which are joined by screws. A low-tech (camping?) toilet sits aboard, meaning passengers can stay onboard for extended periods of time.

© Michael Weekes

© Michael Weekes
Weekes is hoping to bring more sustainable homes in the form of houseboats to Buffalo, NY's waterfront. Interested parties can contact him for plans for the geodesic houseboat, and he says on Buffalo Rising that
The live-aboards can be built in weeks, for far less than $10,000. Try and find an RV for under that price that you can float up to Canalside with. [..Y]ou can buy a kit and build your own houseboat in your driveway, starting at $6,995. If you are up in the ranks of, say a Sabres corporate box owner, and you would like a geodesic houseboat, of your own design, with your own features, design and flourishes, you can buy one starting at $29,995.

© Michael Weekes
It's an intriguing project that seems like it can be tackled entirely as a DIY effort, and could be built in a variety of ways and cost as little or as much as you want. For more info, check out Buffalo Rising.

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