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Oyster shell inspired Floating House concept is powered by renewable solar energy

With dwindling land resources and the threat of global warming, one can imagine a future where the rise in sea levels has made mankind live in homes that float on the waves. The idea seems worth considering and architects have been working hard to develop floating structures that can house humanity in a globally warmed world. These houses not only change the way homes are built, but also rely on renewable sources of energy for all power requirements. 

Working on the same lines Indian architect Shekhar Shinde has proposed a stunning new floating home that takes inspiration from oyster shells. This eco friendly home is partially submerged in water and floats on the principles of buoyancy and a counter weight provided in the lower part of the structure.
The roof of this beautifully designed home is laden with photovoltaic panels to generate all the energy the house needs. The single family home comes with a bedroom, a kitchen, an observation deck, and a bathroom, along with a lot of open space to allow the residing family to enjoy the pristine views of the sea.

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