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5 Ways To Heat Your Home For Free

5 Ways To Heat Your Home For Free
It’s becoming harder and harder to pay heating costs each winter, with many of us praying for a mild winter to stop us going further into the red. For many people the choice is a difficult one – cut back on food costs, or cut back on heating costs. In this day and age, we simply shouldn’t have to be deciding between eating or heating our homes.
If you are struggling to heat your home, check out the post below which details 5 way to generate heat at home for free (well almost free). You’re not going to heat your home solely with these methods, but they could make a really big difference over the course of the winter. Some of them require a little money to make/set-up, but once built they are all but free to run. Also be sure to check out our previous post: Free And Virtually Unlimited Fuel To Heat Your Home. Most of these methods would also work well for heating cabins and workshops etc!
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