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DIY DUAL BURNER 6 Brick Rocket Stove (Costs Just $6 To Make!)

We have done loads of DIY rocket stove posts (use the search box and search: rocket stove) and we have even done a different brick rocket stove! However, this is the first time we have featured a dual burner rocket stove. In fact it is the first time I have seen a dual burner rocket stove…
I think the design of this rocket stove is ingenious, you can use both burners together, or just use one. Watch the short video and see how it’s built. I am thinking that these bricks are so cheap it might be worth picking up six and storing them some place out of the way, and then you’ll have an effective dual burner cooking stove when the power’s out or the SHTF.
(Photo from: desertsun02)

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