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How To Make A PVC Blowgun & Darts

How To Make A PVC Blowgun & Darts
Blowguns (also know as blow pipes) can be a lot of fun to make and use, but they can also be very dangerous and lethal. They are certainly not toys! With practice you can easily take down small game with a blowgun, and the fact that they are silent means you can take several shots to hit the target without spooking it.
You could purchase a blowgun, but seriously why would you? They are very simple to make, and you can make them to your own specification. Have a go with some cheap PVC pipe and if you want to get more serious with your new hobby, you can progress to steel/aluminium pipe which is more robust and doesn’t bend so easily. Check out the tutorial below and get making!
(Image from: Enriquethefieldmouse)

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