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DIY Survival Or Utility Knife: Costs $1 & Takes 1 Hour To Make!

DIY Survival Or Utility Knife: Costs $1 & Takes 1 Hour To Make!
Like many people who enjoy the outdoors, I am fascinated by knives! I have several, some of which I never even use, yet I still find myself browsing knives in stores and on Amazon.  I also really like the idea of making some of my own DIY knives, and thanks to the clever tutorial below, this might happen sooner rather than later (cue wife asking why I need another knife, and we once again have the conversation about it not being about *need*).
Many folks are put off DIY knife-making as they unsure about steel types and forges etc, but the tutorial below bypasses those issues by using reciprocating saw blades, also known as Sawzall blades. The quality of this steel is such that it doesn’t require hardening in a forge etc, nor does it need specialized tools to shape and sharpen it. Check out the tutorial below and find out more!
Quick tip: If you want to save even more money, head down to some local factories/workshops to see if you can pick up some worn/damaged saw blades for free!
(Photo from: M40 Project)

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